Portfolio / Expanded Photo Book
16 Archival Pigment Prints
Dimensions Variable (11″ x 14″ – 11″ x 29″)

In 2001, I began what has since become an ongoing artistic project based on the history of U.S. nuclear arms. Launched shortly after I completed graduate school, I first premiered works from this project at the Headlands Center for the Arts in California, where I had a studio for two years. Headlands hosts seasonal open houses during which the general public can walk through their residents’ studios and speak with artists. During these open houses I presented my new and then still-developing nuclear arms related artwork to visitors.

After a few open houses, I noticed a pattern. Interestingly, each presentation of nuclear artwork triggered nuclear-related memories in the visitors, which catalyzed intimate and thought-provoking conversations. This observation led me to create a form/project entitled the 11th Hour Archive to capture such nuclear memories and thoughts in written format. This form has accompanied a number of publicly presented artworks over the years.

The social aspect, emerging from encounters with the nuclear artwork, has become an important part of my role as an artist examining this subject.

ARCHIVE, VOLUME 1 weaves a selection of the written nuclear memories from the 11th Hour Archive with my own personal archive of nuclear related material collected over a period of 15+ years. Inclusive of these are source files from some of my artworks, some previously presented and others never before seen. The 16 prints, presented as an expanded book form in a portfolio box, are meant to be directly handled by the viewer.

My hope for this portfolio is to provide the viewer with a social and intellectual experience analogous to mine. As long as there are nuclear arms involved in our present lives, and as a part of our prospective future, there will be a critical need to remember and to reflect.

Featured at:
• Central Features, NM, Boundless
• Loisaida Center, NY, Future Now, Future Ahora