Two 20″x16″ juxtaposed canvases, one with a painting, the other with a mounted printed photograph, and a 9 minute video projection in loop

Interlude arose out of my investigation into the invention of photography from a technical, sociological, and philosophical perspective. From my research I concluded that time is the essence of photographs, and for this reason I had been drawn to using photographs as the basis for my paintings (prior to this conclusion). It occurred to me that instead of basing the imagery in my paintings on photos, I needed to bring into the paintings actual photographs and restore them with a real time. That is, by animating the photograph with light fading in or fading out over time, I could literally bring the photo and its image into a present time and back into the past. Likewise, the painting of the ocean on the left is animated with a video projection of waves rolling forwards or backward, into and out of present time.

A variation of this work featured at:
• Galeria de la Raza, San Francisco, CA