Photo Installation
Archival Pigment Print on Japanese Kozo Paper
92” x 92”

Judgment is an immersive extreme-scale photograph that formally occupies a hybrid space between photography, sculpture, and installation.

The visual content of Judgment is developed from a shared experience between three women who co-created plaster casts from their personal sites of physical traumas. Trauma shatters categories, self conception and personal world views. In this sense, it interrupts the formation of a whole such as that which could be found in representation. Thus, abstraction and scale are intentionally employed in Judgment, to echo the fallout of trauma, the immersive and magnified cognitive experience post-trauma, and to immerse the viewer in this world towards an affective response.

Featured at:
• University of New Mexico Art Museum, Out of Many, One
• Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, NM, Getting Real