Interactive Networked Installation
Computer, external harddrive, LCD monitor,
video camera, footpedal, custom software

Revelation 2213 is an interactive networked video installation incorporating live video feed and real-time chromakey. The installation is configured to allow participants to see themselves mapped in real-time against an exploding nuclear bomb.

The piece creates a scenario in which participants are required to negotiate their corporeal bodies with a background video created from animated photographs of nuclear atmospheric tests. Physical reality is combined with a ‘virtual’ space, yielding a new hybrid-reality.

For the most part, the bomb exists in collective memory and imagination. The only people who have ever had to negotiate their corporeality with the bomb are those in Japan along with the soldiers and local inhabitants near nuclear test sites.

How will people respond when seeing themselves, their bodies, in the hybrid space? Are U.S. civil defense drills so deeply engrained that they will perform these steps? Will they make gestures to protect themselves? Will they enact fear? Run away? Or will they remain strong in the face of their own mortality?

Whatever the response, participants can take a snapshot of themselves occupying the hybrid space with the bomb and performing such gestures. These snapshots will immediately upload to which will house the archive of ‘performances’. The website will grow over time to hold an archive of up to one million photographs documenting the participants actions.

Featured at:
• LAWRIMORE Project, Seattle[solo exhibition]