Sacrament, Conversion, etc.

watercolor on wall with video projection
(2 channel installation)

This installation was an investigation into aspects of visual perception. By juxtaposing abstraction with figuration, and painting with digital video, my intent was to evoke a heightened quality of attention to life. Moments, such as candles melting, a heart beating, and a child skipping invite the viewer to reflection by their visual associations, and also through the sensation of the simultaneous compression and expansion of time.

Sacrament, Conversion, etc. was an installation from which the experience of creating it, as well as the observations I made on how people perceived and interacted with the space and the work, posed for me new questions and ideas about the nature of painting, video, and installation based work. A specific observation I made was that the viewer experienced a complete dislocation of where the image lies. They would walk in and start touching the walls, wondering if screens were embedded in the walls, if light and the images emanated outward, and / or if the surface of the walls were three-dimensional.

Featured at:
• Worth Ryder Gallery, UC Berkeley[solo exhibition]