Sites of Trauma

Oil on wood
3.5″ x 45″ overall
3.5″ x 5″ each panel

Painted from film stills, Sites of Trauma was created in response to viewing the documentary footage of the military’s exercise, ‘Operation Doorstop’. This operation was conducted by the Department of Civil Defense during the 1950’s and consists of the construction and simulation of domestic environments. These sites were created solely for the purpose to drop upon them a nuclear bomb. The exercise was conducted to ascertain the outcome of such domestic environments if attacked by a nuclear bomb.

Included are stills which focus on mannequins being set up in a bedroom, far depth of field shots of the houses, and the aftermath of the bomb. The pathology created by the simultaneous destruction of a domestic environment and the larger landscape is what is of particular interest to me.

Featured at:
• IDEA Space @ Colorado College
• LAWRIMORE Project, Seattle[solo exhibition]