The Sixth Magnitude

10 minutes
3-channel immersive audio-video installation
Claudia X. Valdes, video
William Fowler Collins, music

The Sixth Magnitude is an immersive 3-channel audio-video installation. Comprised of video, motion graphics, and algorithmic processes, it aims to explore aspects of audio visual perception through play of visio-sonic relationships. In conversation with the genre of Visual Music, the visuals are created in response to the track “On Perdition Hill”, from the album ‘Perdition Hill Radio’ by William Fowler Collins.

Inspired by neuroscience, one aim of the work is removal of information directing viewers’ mental processes to the cognitive state of image-decoding and semantic processing.

The title is derived from the astronomical range of magnitudes (apparent magnitude). The sixth magnitude describes the heavenly star most faintly visible to the unaided human eye. The sixth magnitude is the limit of our perception.

Featured at:
• Pixilerations [v.9], Providence, RI
• University Art Museum, Albuquerque, NM
• Outpost Artists Resource, NY, Ende Tymes Festival
• Simon Fraser University, Canada, Cinesonika 2: International Conference & Festival of Sound Design
• ICA London, evening of a/v works curated by Soundfjord