Suppressing the Dream

Digital Video, 4 min 49 sec

Suppressing the Dream is an investigation into aspects of memory. By utilizing footage I shot of an open-heart surgery, my intent was to examine memory behavior under anesthesia. Specifically, how are traumatic experiences suppressed by the mind? Amazingly, as beings we can consciously or unconsciously extricate an experience from our immediate recollection in order to function.

Interlaced with the heart surgery, is previously classified military footage of nuclear weapons testing sites. The continuous pulse created by the cross-fade of each footage source at one-second intervals serves to inform the idea of memory being recalled or suppressed over time.

Featured at:
• Werkstätten und Kulturhaus, Austria
• 18th Annual Film Arts Festival, San Francisco
• Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco
• Microcinema International world tour: New York, Chicago, Texas, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Santa Cruz, France, and Mexico