White City of the Future

Digital Video, 9 min 30 sec
Installation: dimensions variable

In 1951 the Department of Civil Defense in collaboration with the National Education Association released “Duck and Cover”, a film highlighting a cartoon character of a turtle that pulls into its shell when an atomic flash occurs, and aims to initiate children in an unthreatening manner into the conversation of how to protect oneself in the event of nuclear war. Friendly and lighthearted in tone, the subtext of the film conveys the idea that everything will be just fine during a nuclear war if only one is ready–if only one learns how to duck and cover.

I appropriate this film, and synthesize it with bright pixilated and flashing animated explosions created from watercolors I painted of atmospheric nuclear tests. In tandem, the sonic dimension of the piece combines nuclear windstorms and thundering explosions with the original film soundtrack, and clashes these with jarring audio bleeps and glitches evocative of alarms and digital artifacts.

The title alludes to fallout and the aesthetic of a post nuclear world.

Featured at:
• LAWRIMORE Project, Seattle[solo exhibition]
• Aqua Art Miami, w/ Lawrimore Project, Seattle
• SAM Gallery, Santiago, Chile[2 person exhibition]